What are the usage scenarios for screen mirroring? What is interesting about screen mirroring? What can people do with screen mirroring?
Cast movies from a phone to a TV
Say goodbye to the "small screen" and
watch movies on TV

HappyCast supports more than 200 major audio and video apps.
It is perfectly compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.
It provides 4K Ultra HD quality and 1080P resolution.
The 60fps output and a latency of less than 60ms deliver an excellent home-theater experience.

Screen mirroring allows people to watch movies on a bigger screen. It supports 200 video apps and can also screen mirror a Windows PC, offering people a theater experience at home.
Check WeChat while watching a movie

In the past, you cannot chat on instant messengers while watching a video on your mobile phone.
Switching between the two is inconvenient.
Now, you can cast images and videos on your phone to a bigger screen,
then exit the screen mirroring page at any time and go back to instant messengers.

Can I chat on instant messengers while mirroring? How should I turn off phone when mirroring? Should I keep my phone on when mirroring? How to turn off the phone during mirroring?
Home music player
No headphones

With just one click, you can screen mirror the major music players to your TV.
You can lie on the sofa and
enjoy a concert at home.

How to cast music from phone to TV? What is QPlay of QQ Music? A wireless audio playing function.
Screen mirroring for games
Screen mirroring enables you to save money and show skills

You can cast games from your phone to the TV to
save the money of buying a PS4, XBOX or SWITCH.
You used to play car race games alone.
Now your friends will be impressed by your skills.

How to cast games to a TV? How to set up screen mirroring to play mobile games? How to play games on a TV without using PS4? Is screen mirroring for games fun? HappyCast screen mirrors for games.
Screen mirroring for office work
Make meetings easy and free

You need 3 data cables to use a projector in a meeting
and often fail to connect computers to the TV.
Now you just need to connect to the same Wi-Fi network and then
press a button to cast mobile content to TV, which is easy and time saving.

An instruction for screen mirroring for office work. You may fail to connect PCs to TV. How to use screen mirroring for meetings? What is screen mirroring for meetings? What are the uses of the HappyCast PC app?
You can use your phone to
display files on TV screen directly

The mobile phone is used more and more widely.
PPT slides are also stored in the phone.
Now you can directly display the files on the TV screen via a mobile phone rather than
circulating them before the meeting.

To cast phone content to a TV at a meeting, how to cast the PPT slides stored in phone to a TV? How to cast phone files to a TV without a USB drive?
Home entertainment
Make your home warmer

Don't keep your head down and play your phone at home.
Cast various phone apps to your TV.
Watch a ball game with your friends.
Hold your kids and listen to stories on the bed.
Hold your darling's hand and listen to music on the sofa.

It's very easy to cast a ball game from a phone to a TV. How to cast a live sports broadcast from mobile phone to a TV? How to cast the sports game from phone to TV? Which apps have the screen mirroring feature?
Watching on a TV screen
is better for your cervical spine health and eyesight

Small screens will harm children's eyesight.
Keeping head down for a long time may add pressure to your cervical spine.
Watching on your TV at home
is better for your cervical spine health and eyesight.

By using screen mirroring, you can watch your phone content on a TV screen to protect your cervical spine health and can also keep your children away from the phone. You can cast cartoons, children's songs or preschool learning materials to your TV for your kids to watch, listen to and learn.